SearchLever Home > Sharing allows you to search all of your favorite websites from a single page. If this is your first visit to SearchLever, and you haven't yet tried it, please visit the SearchLever Home page first.

This page explains how to transfer your SearchLever custom settings to another computer!

Sharing Your SearchLever
The links in the following sections were generated from the customized settings that are stored in your SearchLever cookie. Copying these links to a different computer and clicking on them, will cause your customized settings to be imported to the SearchLever cookie on that computer. This feature makes it easy to share your SearchLever settings.

Reasons for Sharing
There are three great reasons to use SearchLever's sharing feature:

  1. Synchronize Your Home and Office.
    The most common reason to use SearchLever's sharing feature is to set up your home and office computers with the same set of search tools. This is a real time saver, especially if your SearchLever includes a number of Custom Entries.
  2. Backup Your SearchLever to Prevent Loss.
    All of your customized settings are stored in a cookie on your computer. By copying the links on this page to another location, you create a backup that can be used to restore your SearchLever, if that cookie file is lost or damaged by a computer crash.
  3. Distribute Your Custom Entries.
    Use SearchLever's sharing feature to distribute your most helpful Custom Entries to your friends and associates.

How to Share
The following two sections contain links that import your particular customized settings into the SearchLever cookie. The first of these sections contains a link that sets all standard site selections. The second section contains individual links for the Custom Entries that you've added. To share, simply copy and email these links to the second computer. The user of that computer only needs to click on those links to complete the import process.

Site Selections
Click on this link to make your SearchLever site selections match those of the originating computer.
Custom Entries
No Custom Entries were found.
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