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SearchLever leverages your time by allowing you to search all of your favorite websites from a single page. Instead of Instead of surfing to each site, enduring multiple sales offers, tolerating confusing navigation schemes, and waiting for slow pages to load, you'll take a shortcut directly to the selected site's search results page. Make your home page, get your work done faster, and have more time left for life!
SearchLever is pre-configured with the most popular sites, but you can easily customize it to match your own specific needs. Visit SearchLever's Customizing page to learn how to add more searchable sites to your SearchLever.
SearchLever's Sharing page will help you transfer your custom settings to another computer. This allows you to configure your home and office computers exactly the same way, or share your custom settings with friends and associates.
SearchLever customizing doesn't work if your computer won't accept SearchLever's cookie. Visit SearchLever's troubleshooting page for a step-by-step guide to overcoming the technical problems most common to cookie storage.
SearchLever is a free online tool from the creators of NutritionData and BetterFitnessProducts.